Sorority hazing with long sex toy for their tight beavers

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A bathroom is the perfect place for the sorority hazing rituals and this time it means that these college sluts are going to take a long magic wand up their wet barely legal pussies really deep. They are all naked and kneeling in front of the babes who are already in the super popular sorority and these sorority hazing rituals are the easiest and fastest way for them to become a part of it as well. All they have to do is push out those sexy little butts and take the dildo deep.

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Posing naked for the older sorority girls

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It is hard to even imagine what goes on in the college rooms, but one thing is for sure, there is nothing better than good old sorority hazing rituals in which slutty new babes have to show off their tatas, sexy butts and spread their long legs for everyone in the room. These chicks are a little bit shy and that is not the right way to the popular group of girls everyone wants to fuck. The thing about the sorority hazing rituals is that in the end all the girls like it.

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Lesbian sorority hazing rituals outside

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The fact that everyone can see them while they are kneeling naked outside and licking each others’ cunts made these college girls even hornier during the sorority hazing rituals. There was nothing that could stop them from using their long hurricane wet tongues and the only thing in their mind was to make other girls cum really hard! The best way to do it is to try really hard and hope that the older babes dressed in black are going to like it. They have long sausages ready for them, to suck them real deep.

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Making out in front of the other babes

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While three slutty babes are kneeling in the room, two gorgeous babes are making out and touching each other with pleasure. That is a part of the sorority hazing rituals and they have to determine which one of them is the best kisser, and this is the best way to do it. You are going to love the way they are using their soft hands to make each other horny. The babe who gets to be crowned the best kisser is the winner of the sorority hazing rituals. That is their only goal!

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Sorority hazing rituals are the best

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There is nothing better than a group of horny college girls who want to become a part of the group of ladies everyone wants to fuck, but the thing about these girls is that they are lesbians and that they are into licking cunts and nibbling hard nipples. This time they are going to get down on their knees and suck a long dildo. During the sorority hazing rituals, they have a task to show their skills, and how deep they can shove a long dildo without gagging or choking. That is a lot of fun!

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